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Cyren Testimonials

Thank you to everyone who sent us their testimonials!

"Just letting you know how grateful I am for the matt moisturiser with sunscreen.
No more ghost face! I love it! Will be ordering more in future. Thanks"

- Sandra James, Perth, Australia

"I have sensitive skin and I've always been looking around for better products.
When my friend introduced me to the Cyren spf moisturiser I fell in love with it instantly!
Not only does it have an amazing matte finish, I also love the way it absorbs into your skin instantly and stays on for the whole day! It also works perfectly when used in combination with mineral powders when I do my make-up.
Best product I've ever encountered."

- Karin S, Kyoto, Japan

“At last my search is over. Simple no fragrance no junk chemicals and its organic too!
I don't normally email companies but thank you for making this, i've been looking for something like this for heaps long. xoxo Bec”

- Rebecca Samos, Brisbane, Australia

“Thank you for creating the body butter! I have such dry skin and my skin loves soaking it all up.”
- Jenny C., Sydney, Australia

“Great products, the milk wash lathers really well. Not drying surprisingly!
Let me know if a fragranced version comes out. Cheers”

- Bradley Y., Seattle, USA

“Its hard to find real milk based creams and shower gels here in HK. I was so relieve to find you guys do. Delivery from US sites was expensive and did not have much milk inside, it was see through, not thick like yours.”
- Fifi Leung, Kowloon, Hong Kong

“I love this product! I have achingly dry skin which gets worse during winter.
This winter I lathered this all over my skin and now my legs and thighs and hands are baby soft. I can't wait until summer comes, my legs are glowing and smooth”

- Jane P., Melbourne, Australia | Reviewed: Organic Honey Balm

“Thank you so much for the pack. I love everything in it, especially the body lotion.
The jasmin smells so good I'm addicted!”

- U. Brown, Bondi, Australia